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The best festive homework ever!

by Anna Whiteley
on December 9, 2016


By popular demand, here’s the sequel to our incredibly popular ‘Best homework ever’ this Summer. The best part for us was hearing from schools and families that had enjoyed doing the tasks. We loved it so much that we created a festive version for the Christmas holidays!

Below you’ll find 15 festive fun activities for teachers to download, print and send home with your class or to help parents to channel that festive excitement into some meaningful and enjoyable missions.

Children can choose their favourites to do or complete them all if they wish!

Download and print The best festive homework ever (pdf)

Festive baubles

The best festive homework ever!

Your homework for the Christmas holidays. How many can you do?

  1. Write a letter to Santa’s elves, it’s usually Santa that gets all the post!
  2. Can you design a Christmas card and send it to your favourite person?
  3. Make a festive decoration for around the house or to hang on the tree.
  4. Create a homemade gift and give it to a friend or family member.
  5. Make a list of things you really want to learn or achieve in the New Year. Remember to write a note to yourself and pack it away with the decorations for you to find next year.
  6. Have a dance party in the living room to your favourite festive songs.
  7. Can you find out about Christmas in another country? How does it differ to Christmas in yours?
  8. Go for a long walk somewhere you’ve never been before
  9. Can you make a Christmas tree out of something different? Lego, plasticine, the choice is yours!
  10. Can you write your own Christmas song or rap, and perform it to your family?
  11. Have a meal with your family and talk about your favourite memories of this year and the best things that happened to you.
  12. If you’re lucky enough to receive Christmas presents, write thank you notes and send them. Can you include something you loved about the gift?
  13. Birds can get very hungry at this time of year. Can you make a festive bird feeder out of a milk carton, box or bottle and hang it outside?
  14. Can you make a snow globe out of an empty container? What will you put inside?
  15. Have a family Christmas movie night, get cosy and tune into a Christmas classic.
  16. Can you help to bake some Christmas cookies? Or a Christmas cake?

And of course, the most essential thing to do is…

have lots of festive FUN!

We’d love to see what you come up with. Share your photos and homework stories with us on Facebook, Twitter using #Besthomeworkever or Pobble!