Teachers' Tales

Teachers: 5 top tips for a healthier and fitter you!

by Louise Robinson
on January 5, 2018


At Pobble, we’re lucky to have a fitness fanatic on the team. Not only is Louise a simply awesome teacher, but she’s also one of the fittest and most focused people we know. Here she shares her top tips for a healthier and fitter you.

‘New Year – New You’ That age old saying that gets thrown around every January. We all start off well. Probably too well. We set ourselves unrealistic goals that being a busy teacher, we just cannot meet!

Don’t change absolutely everything: you’ll find yourself sticking to it for a week at the most before marking, planning, after-school clubs, assessments and everything else take over. Here are five quick and simple tips you can take on which might just last until next January…

1. Eat real food; not too much; mostly plants.

2. Start taking high quality vitamin supplements.
Omega3, vitamin D3 and magnesium will help prevent those nasty bugs the children love to share.

3. Start a class ‘movement’ project!
Set aside three minutes at the end of every session to ‘move’. This could be stretching the hips off after sitting at the desk for an hour; unlocking the shoulder joints after being hunched over writing for an hour, or sitting in a deep squat.

4. Squeeze in a workout.
After school, mark one set of books then meet a colleague or two in the hall to do a fast, fun workout together to music. This only needs to be 10-15 minutes which will help you feel energised and probably help you mark the next set much faster.

5. Get at least eight hours sleep.
You will be more productive and less grumpy if you have had enough rest overnight.

How do you stay fit and focused while teaching? Share your tips with us over on Twitter.