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Taking Pobble one step further: connect your classroom with another around the world!

by Anna Whiteley
on April 13, 2018


A connection with a classroom around the world can ignite the imaginations of young writers. It’s this connection that is one of the most powerful things about Pobble. You might start by sharing some of your pupils’ writing, quickly your class becomes part of a global network of schools and classes.

Pobble in your class

Pobble has opened up a whole world of possibilities for our schools. Pupils find inspiration in other children’s texts, they learn to formulate good feedback, and they find great pride in seeing their own work amongst that by thousands of others.

Your pupils have their own accounts on Pobble, too. The platform guides them through the peer assessment process, asking them to refer to specific features of the text that they liked most, as well to ask a question or suggest a way in which it can be improved. Of course, they must keep each comment positive and kind.

Because children are using the Pobble platform independently, we go out of our way to make the platform safe for them. For example, all comments are moderated by our team. For more information on our approach to e-safety read this article.

“Pobble’s structured commenting meant that the comments my children left were generally high quality, both positive and constructive, and my teacher section allowed me to view all of the comments my children had left. A real bonus is that the Pobble team moderate all comments so I didn’t have to!”
Rachel Turner, Primary Assistant Head and English leader.

Read more from Rachel here.

Connecting with other classes

Children absolutely love to see how many views and comments they receive on their writing from parents, teachers, peers and their wider global audience.
We heard from two schools who worked closely together on Pobble. This took their inspiration to another level. Now, when they sit down to embark on a piece of writing with their teacher, not only is their local community celebrating and nurturing their work, but a school across Europe is waiting eagerly to comment on the published writing.

To follow this great example, we’ve created the Classroom Connections project. We’re providing you with everything you need to run a classroom connections project! We’ll connect you with other schools from our community, and we’ll send you resources and some suggested activities for building connections with the schools in your group.

Can you imagine how excited your pupils will be, knowing that children and teachers in different areas will read their work?

You can now try this feature of Pobble for free! Register here to take part in our classroom connections project.