Teachers' Tales

Promoting positivity with Pobble

by Anna Whiteley
on November 11, 2016


Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, in today’s world cyber-bullying and online safety can be a huge worry. With interactions with the outside world via so many screens, it’s sometimes hard to see how we can protect our children and pupils.

Can we teach our children to be optimistic and encouraging to their peers? Can we establish a progressive whole-school philosophy of positivity? Yes, we can! Positivity is the heart and soul of Pobble. Because… positivity breeds motivation.

E-safety first!

As a teacher-founded education company, keeping our site safe is as crucial to us and as it is to our community. It will be no surprise that we do many specific things to ensure that our users of all ages stay safe. For example: comments are moderated, teacher accounts are verified, and it’s easy to flag something that you might like to hear a little less.

You can read more about e-safety at Pobble here.

A great cycle of positivity

On Pobble, teachers share their pupils’ creative writing to give them an audience and a real purpose to write. The best bit is that pupils of any age can independently and -importantly- safely interact with each other. Train them in giving and receiving good quality feedback: indispensable skills.


Positive feedback is one of the best ways to motivate children to produce better work. How exciting is a comment from a friend, a family member, or someone from across the world? We find that children easily make commenting on Pobble part of their routine. One positive comment prompts another: a great cycle of positivity!

Read about the power of peer feedback here.

Your turn!

So, what makes a good comment? We’ve created a commenting resource that can support your marking policy. It helps explain to pupils how to leave a positive comment on other children’s work. Give commenting a try with your class, you’ll be surprised just how positive they can be!

Give commenting a try together with your class with our commenting guide. Or go one step further with peer commenting.


Inspire e-positivity in your school. Speak to a Pobble teacher.