Teachers' Tales

Pobble power in 140 characters

by Anna Whiteley
on July 7, 2017


Recently, one of our Twitter followers posed this question:

If you use Pobble – what has been the best aspect of it – how has writing/or the process of writing changed as a result?

We were overwhelmed by the response of our Twitter community! So here are their responses: Pobble power, summed up in 140 characters!

Great starters on Pobble 365, super purpose for writing, a chance to be inspired by others, develop peer and self assessment, fun!

Motivation to write more and improve word choice so that their work is the best. Sharing work with a wider audience.

Never-ending inspiration enabling all areas of English curriculum to be accessed as appropriate when I want to.

A purpose for writing which motivates, a platform to celebrate which instils a real sense of pride & boosts confidence. Great for WAGOLLs.

Purpose & audience for writing. Commenting groups.

Perfect to see what ARE looks like compared across lots of schools. Provides a stimulus to writing. Ours starts in Sept. If nr Leeds come over

So many brilliant aspects! Purpose, celebration, lesson ideas, modelling, improving and engagement. A super resource!

How would you sum up Pobble in 140 characters? Let us know on Twitter!