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Pobble power from a pupil’s point of view

by Mukhtar
on March 25, 2017


Before I discovered Pobble, I felt like one tiny little fish in the wide open sea, trying to make people hear my voice and reach my aim. But then, I chanced upon Pobble and immediately, we just clicked! Me and Pobble fitted together instantly because we had a lot in common. We both had very similar missions; Pobble with ‘Together, we make writing ridiculously exciting!’ and me with ‘Together we can change the world!’. In my head, I was thinking ‘Wow! This is excellent! If me and Pobble teamed up with each other, not only could we make writing ridiculously exciting, we could go further and change the world!’ I was feeling so hyped up about Pobble and I was always checking their website to see the latest updates.

Then, one fine day, I received some RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING news and found out that my school was going to be the host of a brilliant Pobble workshop and that I was one of the four people out of the whole school who were selected to attend it alongside 7 other schools! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It was like a dream come true! But the day of the workshop was even better. I was told to go to the room where the workshop was going to be held. Before opening the door, I inhaled deeply, nervous to see what was on the other side. I pushed the door open a fraction, then I pushed it a little bit more, and when I stepped inside, I was starstruck! Standing before me was the man himself, the founder of Pobble, Simon Blower, or as children know him, Mr Pobble! He had a very friendly aura and I seemed to magically agree with everything he said. And guess what! He was going to be leading the workshop!

A few minutes after meeting Mr Pobble, the other schools came pouring into the room and sat themselves down at the tables. Everyone else was in Year 6; only the people from my school were in Year 5. When everyone had arrived, the workshop got under way! Before we started on our piece of writing, we were shown a photo. In the photo, there was an elderly, scruffy-looking man plodding along an abandoned road which was masked in a cloud of thick fog. There was nothing there to keep him company other than a few clocks and an overturned lamppost! Using the picture, we had to create three sentences starting with ‘I see..’, ‘I think…’ and ‘I wonder if…’. I wrote:

  1. I see an old old man walking along a foggy road.
  2. I think he may be near water.
  3. I wonder if he can control time.

A lot of us wrote similar things for the third sentence due to the fact that each clock in the picture was showing a different time (very strange!). This was all related to the theme of our writing, which was…time travelling! (Apparently, Mr Pobble loves things related to time travel, like Doctor Who, so this workshop must have been one of his favourites!) We all had to write a story about time travelling in which we travelled through time to a different era.

Now, if you’re thinking that this was like another old English lesson where we are sent to write after briefly discussing it with each other, you’re wrong. To ensure that it was flawless, we went through each stage of the story together. There were four stages in total. First, we had to come up with ‘the hook’, which was the opening paragraph of the story that had to grab the reader’s attention. Secondly, we had to introduce a magical object that would make us travel through time. The third stage was to describe our journey through time and last of all, we had to create a ‘cliffhanger ending’ by explaining our dilemma at the end of the story. But, before we started on the story, we had to choose the object that would send us off on our time travelling adventures. I decided to choose a dazzling golden pocket watch with azure hands and a lengthy silver chain. Other people chose things like magic keys, shiny flowers and beautiful pendants. One person even thought of having a wardrobe as their magical object! Very creative!

Mr Pobble kept all of us entertained throughout the workshop and made sure that he brought out our best. He walked around the room and checked our writing and gave us advice on how we could improve it. Sometimes, he would tell us a joke to enlighten our spirits. Just looking at his inspirational character drove us to do our best! He made the workshop very interactive and enjoyable.

When we had finished writing all of the stages, our stories were complete and ready for publishing! We all had a fantastic experience and we didn’t want it to end! Writing with the founder of Pobble was great; hopefully, I can take part in another Pobble workshop!

Having my work published and shared with the whole world made me feel quite proud of myself and extremely dignified. I think that Pobble is an exceptional writing platform and I find it highly motivational and inspiring – take it from the astonishing love story written by a 10-year-old boy from Afghanistan, which has been viewed over 9,000 times, or the dyslexic 6-year-old Fred, who hated writing until he became the winner of Pobble’s winter writing competition! If I was asked what I think could be improved about Pobble, I would say that I do not think there is anything that should be changed. Pobble has helped make writing exciting by creating the feeling of having your work shared with the whole world and knowing that there is a chance that it will motivate someone! That is the reason why we should all get involved and use Pobble so together, we can make writing ridiculously exciting and change the world!

‘Your first piece of writing will never be your best but it is for you to learn from your mistakes to make your next piece even better!’ -The Pawsome Lion

10-year-old Mukhtar goes to school in Birmingham and in his spare time writes for his own blog: The Pawsome Lion.

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