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Pobble Champions: leading the way

by Anna Whiteley
on January 16, 2018


Pobble a global community of teachers, parents, pupils, authors, and many, many others. In fact, did you know that the word “Pobble” means “people”, or “community” in Celtic?

Of course, we are very excited to see our global community grow: work uploaded in China, comments from Australia, and moderation in the UK. We never forget, however, that the local communities around our schools are as important.

Pobble Champions are the people in schools around the world, that lead the way with Pobble in their school. They lead their colleagues, inspire pupils, and involve parents. In short, they help to make Pobble thrive. We couldn’t make writing ridiculously exciting for so many thousands of children around the world without our PCs.

What is a Pobble Champion?

A Pobble Champion is a member of the school team who leads Pobble in your school. They help to make Pobble a success. A PC is passionate about writing, and usually a deputy or assistant head, or an English leader.

Being a Pobble Champion has many perks. First of all, you have access to awesome resources for teaching writing. You also have access to our Pobble Champion networks on social media to gain further inspiration, share ideas and connect with fellow PCs. Finally, you get have heaps of support from our Customer Happiness team to make writing ridiculously exciting across school.

Our PCs also have control of the school dashboard that allows them to invite and remove teacher colleagues, manage packages, edit their school profile and monitor work submissions / comments in the school.

What Pobble Champions say…

“I am thoroughly enjoying being a Pobble champion. Having the opportunity to see a child’s face light up when they become a published author fills me with joy. When I need guidance, I know that I can always ask the Pobble team and they will be happy to help. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”
Grace Huby, Pobble Champion at Parklands School

“Being a Pobble Champion in my school has been a great opportunity to lead something with a hugely positive focus and impact on our pupils. It has generated lots of dialogue between colleagues, parents and pupils alike.”
Holly Freeman, Pobble Champion at Flixton Junior School

“As Pobble champion, I am able to ensure that Pobble is used to its full potential in my school. It’s so useful for busy teachers to be able to just ask a quick question or for me to show them how to do something. I love being able to support in that way.”
Anri Ruthven, Pobble Champion at Dawlish Primary School

“Pobble is at the heart of all our writing and being Pobble Champion allows me to experience at first hand the tremendous impact Pobble has on our writing community. The Pobble team are fantastic, always supportive and always ready to give help and advice.”
Chris Willan, Pobble Champion at Water Primary School

And you?

Think you could champion Pobble in your school? Whether you’re completely new to Pobble or just beginning your Pobble journey, we’ll be happy to talk through the process with you. Get in touch and we’ll get you started.