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Going Global: From Picture of the Day to Pobble 365!

by Jonny Davies
on September 1, 2015


As teachers ourselves, we know that a great deal of your time and energy goes into lesson preparation. It’s no wonder that so many of us spend our Sunday afternoons trying to create lessons that are exciting and memorable for our pupils – it’s a case of professional pride!

The purpose of Pobble 365 (formerly LMYL Picture of the Day) is to make it easy for busy teachers to create engaging lessons. Every day, you can find an interesting picture to spark a lesson, together with writing prompts and philosophical questions that you can use with your students on a smartboard screen, or printed out with our easy-to-use PDFs.

The start of a movement

As a classroom teacher, I discovered that the most enjoyable part of my week was our creative writing session on Friday mornings.

So Sunday afternoons, I would scour the web to find something that my class might enjoy writing about. This could be a television advert or movie trailer, an excerpt from the news or a favourite book, but often it would be an image. The images I liked most were extraordinary, produced by artists and photographers around the globe with the purpose of stunning their audiences.

As it appeared on the board, I looked around the classroom and I could see a mixture of open mouths, excited whispers and animated discussion.

And this is exactly what happened in our classroom: each Friday morning at 09.05 I would reveal one of these unique images. As it appeared on the board, I looked around the classroom and I could see a mixture of open mouths, excited whispers and animated discussion. The children talked about whether the giant that was crawling out of the ground was searching for a companion or baying for blood, or whether the mysterious forest of eyes contained fairies or werewolves. The pictures I chose were surreal, abstract or conceptual. To the children, these images were weird and wonderful, fantastic and bizarre.

Imagine your favourite children’s book: when you read it, your mind fills with fantasy and colour as you build a story for yourself, bringing the pages to life. This is what these images did, particularly for the children who didn’t enjoy reading.

The conversation these pictures provoked gradually became filled with rich vocabulary as the children’s thinking was channelled towards describing a character or a setting. Their imaginations ran wild, and poured out onto the paper. I can still remember the goosebumps on my skin as the teacher in the adjacent classroom and I would sit down with a coffee at 4 o’clock and read through the writing my pupils had produced.

I thought to myself, ‘this is what teaching is all about’. These are the moments that we must cherish as educators.

Going global

Now that Pobble has users in so many countries around the world, we wanted to make sure that teachers had access to this exciting resource whatever their time zone or term time. And so Picture of the Day became Pobble 365.

Pobble365 brings a new exciting image every single day of the year and it now has its own dedicated website available for free for all Pobble users. This allows us to better display our fantastic images in an even more engaging way and we have provided ‘in-lesson’ and pdf downloadable formats. So, whenever you feel you need a spark to ignite your pupils’ writing, head to pobble365.com and check out this free resource.

We can’t wait to read the writing your students’ produce, but remember that you can only share it on Pobble once you’ve signed up, so join us today! Thank you for joining us on our journey so far, this is just the beginning…