Pobble News

Pupils hit the big screen!

Lit Film Fest for primary schools to take place on Britain's largest cinema screen.

Teaching Resources

Six super sight word activities

Provide fun opportunities for repetition and reinforcement

Teaching Resources

Choose kind: make a Pobble pledge

Download and print a free kindness activity

Teachers' Tales

How to promote kindness in schools

Simple strategies to promote a culture of kindness in schools

Teachers' Tales

Feel-good writing to brighten your day!

These little gems are bound to put a smile on your face.

Teaching Resources

Mark making areas to motivate your writers

Develop early writing skills and instil a love of writing

Parents and Families

Seven splendid spelling strategies

Fun and engaging activities to help commit spellings to memory

Teachers' Tales

How to set up your classroom as a healthy learning environment.

Revamp your classroom into an inviting healthy learning space.

Teachers' Tales

7 ways to boost teacher morale and wellbeing

Safeguard your health and happiness

Teachers' Tales

15 great gifts and gadgets for teachers

Inspiration for the teacher in your life