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New on Pobble!

by Matthijs Hovelynck
on August 28, 2015


“You’ve come to the right place”

That’s what we tell you when you click back onto LendMeYourLiteracy after the Summer. We worked hard this Summer and, like you, we are ready to make a fresh start to the new school year. We come back with a great new name, a beautiful new logo and a fantastic new design. We come back – as Pobble!

Screencap of the Pobble welcome screen


Watch our 1 minute video to understand why we’re now Pobble.

What didn’t change is our mission. We continue to share children’s writing, more determined then ever to create a more literate world. It’s a great pleasure to introduce a new website that will make teachers’ lives a little easier, improve the connection between parents and their children’s learning journeys, and – of course – inspire young writers to continue to write mind-bogglingly brilliant stories!

We also say thank you to you, as many of the ideas below came from our most trusted users. We hope we listened well! So, what’s new?

1. Pupil accounts

This is one of our most requested features. It made it straight to the top our to-do list: exciting for pupils, and pedagogically sound. What else could we wish for? From now on, teachers will be able to set up their classes and create their pupils’ accounts in one go. Pupils can engage with their classmates and friends (all over the world!) in a safe environment. Peer assessment has never been so easy!

Hello! Click here to login

2. A streamlined upload process

With so many teachers on our team, we know how busy you are. It was clear from the outset that we should aim to make using Pobble as time-efficient as possible. The new upload process is easier than ever and we think it is now even quick enough to upload work for every pupil in your class. You can publish a few authors, but maintain your record of all their work (invaluable for assessment!).

Title, description of lesson, tags screencap

3. Dashboards and data

You want to know what is going on with your pupils, we get that. We have made it easy to keep track of permissions, posts and comments. Everything you want to know about your pupils is accessible in one handy class dashboard.

nav bar screencap

4. Engagement of parents

Sharing writing with LendMeYourLiteracy always was a whole-school affair. It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm of pupils, parents and teachers alike during assemblies. Many schools even organised internal competitions and events around the platform. Pobble makes it even easier to engage parents and carers in their children’s learning journeys. Parents are automatically notified when work is published, or when it receives comments.

Screencap of a comment from a parent


5. Pobble 365

We’re so proud of Jonny, one of our teachers, who came up with a teaching resource that thousands of teachers use every day. The Picture of the Day became an institution in the LMYL community. It shall come as no surprise that we bring it back bigger and better: Pobble 365 will bring one new picture and some amazing teaching ideas, every single day of the year.

Pobble 365 homepage screencap

And that’s not all. We invite you to join Pobble and have a look around. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch via hello@pobble.com.

Oh … and we’re not done yet! More exciting features and improvements are coming soon, so watch this space!