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Make your school Pobble page shine

by Josh Overton
on November 1, 2016


Have you ever wished your Pobble school page could have a bit more magic? You can now add your school logo, a background image and a welcome text to make your page your own! Your Pobble Champion (user with admin rights) can set up the basis of the profile. After that all teachers can help by uploading amazing work. Below are 2 sections with some easy steps to follow. Soon you’ll have a school page that really shines!

Pro tip: Image editor
If you need to edit your images there are some free tools online to help such as Pixlr.

Pobble Champion: improve your school’s profile

The Pobble Champion in your school can update the school page from the profile settings. This allows you to add a logo, a background image and update the school’s description. Simply go to your profile menu and to select “School dashboard”.


Step 1: Add your school’s logo

Upload your school’s logo to make your school page easier to recognise for parents. It’s important to make sure your logo fits properly and is not cut off.


Pro tip: Breathing room
Logos will be presented in a circular shape. By having more space around your logo and using a square file your logo will not be cut off at the edges.


Step 2: Use a nice background photo

Add a unique photo to the blue banner behind your school’s information at the top of the page. This really makes your school stand out.


Pro tip: Use wide images

The blue banner behind your school information is very wide compared to its height so images which are landscape will work better. Some good examples of images to use are photos of your school, your pupils working or a nice pattern.


Step 3: Write a great description about your school

Pobble will create a default description for your school but we encourage you to write your own to give your page more personality. This is not only for usual visitors like pupils and parents but also for others from all over the world.

Teachers: make your pupils’ work stand out

It’s not just the Pobble Champion that can make your school profile look nice. All teachers that upload work can help to represent the school in the best possible way!

Step 1: Create ridiculously exciting titles

You can improve the overall look and feel of your page by giving pupils work unique titles even for the same lesson or class project. Compare this to a row or two of pieces of work all with the same title and it’s easy to see which one you’d scroll past or take the time to read. It’s a chance to make the page look like it’s full of fresh content. Each piece of work will be different and get the attention it deserves.

Step 2: Take better snaps

Take the time to create sharp, well framed and properly angled photos, it’s worth it. Users will be able to see and read it better, leading to more engagement, such as comments, shares and likes. This in turn leads to a child and their parents being more proud of their work, encouraging children to write more and push their writing skills further.


Step 3: Name your groups well

Did you know that users can find your pupils’ work by searching by class? It’s worth making sure you name your groups in a way that parents and other teachers can relate to.

To change your groups’ names click on “My class” in the main menu. Click on the relevant group to go to the group’s page. Hover over the name to see a little pencil appear. Click it to edit.


That’s it!

Your school page on Pobble is now more personal and unique than ever.

Josh is one of Pobble’s designers. Every day he works on designing the Pobble platform to make it more beautiful, and easier to use. Bit by bit.