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Lesson planning made easy

by Anna Whiteley
on September 27, 2017


Now I know what you’re probably thinking…lesson planning can’t be made easy, right? Well, good news folks. It really can!

You can now plan and create lessons on Pobble. We’ve partnered with major education brands such as Teachit Primary, Hamilton Trust and Scoop magazine to bring teachers the best resources, all on one site. No more spending hours scouring the Internet for inspiration. Register for free on Pobble and browse thousands of teaching ideas, resources and WAGOLLs, then use them to prepare the most engaging lessons in minutes!

Next time you’re looking for planning inspiration. Here’s what to do…

1) Visit Pobble and register for free as a teacher. Then simply search your topic and we’ll show you relevant teaching resources from the best content providers.


2) Filter your search by category, content provider or age group. You’ll find pictures, articles, books, games and videos, plus lots more awesome resources to look through.


3) Once you’ve found a resource you’d like to add to your lesson plan, simply click it then hit the ‘Add to lesson’ button.

Pobble add

4) You can add more fab resources or choose to go to your lesson plan, where you’ll see an overview of what you’ve created. Here you can add more notes and details. And there you have it, next week’s session planned in minutes!

Pobble lesson

We told you it was easy! Give it a try for yourself…what are you teaching about next? Your next lesson starts here.