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Our top global writing for International Education Week

by Julia Hudson
on November 9, 2015


It’s International Education Week, and so it’s the perfect time to share some of the great work on Pobble. Here are some pieces with global viewpoints, as well as pieces from our student authors all over the globe.

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Sajib, at St Ignatius Catholic Primary School, wrote a nonfiction essay about human rights throughout history:

Sajib's writing

Meanwhile, Holly from Woolton Primary School in Liverpool, has explored another culture in a piece based on Jamilia Gavin’s ‘Grandpa Chatterji’, a story that takes place in India:

Holly's writing

And Farah, of Dubai’s Deira International School, has begun a play script, a whole new form of writing that we’re excited to see more of from her:

Farah's writing

These are only three of the more than 33,000 pieces of writing on Pobble, just waiting for an audience. So if you like what you’re reading, don’t be shy – make sure you share these essays, stories, plays, and journals! Good writing is meant to have an audience, and there’s no better way to keep our young authors at it than logging in and leaving them an encouraging comment.

Do you have a favourite piece of writing to share for International Education Week? Whether it’s from a global author, about world history, or a creative piece of fiction from a curious imagination, we’d love to see it over on our Facebook page!