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These are the 5 education blogs you need to be reading

by Julia Hudson
on January 13, 2016


When you’re not keeping up with literacy education here on Pobble, where should you turn to make sure you’re always up to date with the best teaching tools, techniques, and news? Here are our five favourite education blogs to add to your feed…

Teacher Toolkit

There’s a reason why Ross Morrison McGill is “the most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK” – his in-depth articles on a wide variety of teaching topics. Some of our favourite posts include Department Diagnostic, about identifying and meeting staff needs, and 5 Tweeting Tips for Educator (which we happen to think pairs nicely with one of our own articles on the subject).

He also posts scads of school resources, such as homework templates, observation forms, and assembly planning checklists, which are definitely worth taking a look at as you settle into the new term.

Mr P’s ICT Blog

The recent post on SPAG through spam! is a great example of why we continue to return to this tech-focused blog. Creative lesson approaches often employ a sense of humour – such as using spam emails to teach young writers the importance of SPAG – and author Leeroy Parkinson always places the children first and foremost. We have yet to find another site with an entire category devoted to building emotional literacy, and the posts on augmented reality demonstrate a truly curious mind at work.

The Primary Head

Lots of websites promise to bring news from the front line of teaching, but we think this one is a head above the rest (forgive the pun…). Written by a longtime head teacher, this blog isn’t afraid to risk sharing unpopular views, like when discussing teacher efficiency in a post titled You’re not that good, but there’s always compassion to be found. Take last month’s post on using the arts to learn about social identity politics, which contained these standout words:

As a teacher I tried to make my classroom a ‘perfect’ society microcosm, where everyone was equal and we all got on and treated each other with an automatic respect. As a Head I find myself trying to actively seek out the inequalities and exposing them… I think we have to show our children what their world is like now and I think we should make them as dissatisfied with the status-quo as they are optimistic about the future.

ICT Evangelist

A blogger as committed to the role of edtech as we are, Mark Anderson has held multiple ICT and e-learning roles in UK schools, so he knows the on-the-ground experience of teachers as well as the broader thinking around connected classrooms. In particular, we love his posts on Developing a whole school culture and Ten things every educator should know about their iPad – but there’s plenty on here to interest educators in all specialities, so definitely give this blog a read.

The Spoke

The Spoke is an Australian gem that centres on early childhood, and while it primarily speaks to a parent audience, there is plenty of meaty reading for educators as well (though parents, seriously – check it out). Take a read through What’s in a milestone? Understanding your child’s development for an overview of what to look for in young children, and definitely don’t miss one of our favourite posts, Here’s how screen time is changing the way kids tell stories, for a thoughtful examination of how tech can influence creativity.


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