Teachers' Tales

Creating a tidal wave of kindness in schools

by Stephen K. Millen
on April 26, 2017


Random acts of kindness and paying it forward are common ideologies in today’s society. Terms like these are increasingly becoming popular, mainly because of many people who lack the sense of kindness. But the thing is kind people aren’t born nice. Rather they are raised that way.

As an adult, we have the freedom to choose between being nice and being mean, but it’s more than mere decision-making. Happier people tend to treat other people more nicely than people who were used to be treated wrongly. It all starts with childhood. If you were raised from a kind environment, then you’ll most likely grow up to be a kind person, and vice versa, if you were raised by a mean environment, then that’s most likely how you’ll act outside your home, but the home environment is only part of a whole when it comes to a child’s character-building. A child’s school environment also plays a vital role, but how does one promote kindness in the school? There are many children in school. Convincing kids to be kind to each other won’t exactly be easy play since children have different kinds of home environments.

I rounded up some ways on how you can encourage kindness in school. Here they are:

Greet each student as they enter the classroom

I hate to say it but most kids aren’t too excited about school. The reason can vary from being bad at a subject to having no friends. Whatever the reason, it can have a significant effect on them, causing to act a certain way towards other students.
Knowing that the teacher is glad that they’re in class is a great way to boost their mood towards school, and being the happy student that he is, he’s bound to act more nicely towards others.

Give the students a few minutes to just sit and talk with one another

The school isn’t just about learning Math, English, or Science. It’s also about learning how to get along with other students. With that, you should give them time to talk and sit with one another. Let them become friends with one another. Friends are bound to act kind with one another than strangers.

Laugh at your student’s jokes

You can’t just tell someone to be kind, not even a child. They probably don’t even understand yet how it is to be kind. You, being the teacher and the role model, have to show them how to be kind, but then again kindness isn’t really something people can see. Rather it’s something people can feel. So, to show your students what “kindness” is, and then you should make them feel the relationship between you and them. One great way of doing so is by joking around with the class.

Yeah, sure, you have to make sure that they understand the lesson, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time. As a matter of fact, kids are more inclined to learning when the topic isn’t too serious. Not only that, promoting a friendly environment will also help the kids to develop relationship and trust between each other, urging them to be kind.

Stephen K. Millen has been a writer since ever since he could remember. He is now working as a Junior Manager for a marketing company. He travels a lot on his weekends, mostly on his bike. He writes for myhomeworkdone.net. His favourite niche includes business management, development communication and online marketing.