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Choose kind: make a Pobble pledge

by Anna Whiteley
on February 8, 2017


The Pobble team love to spread positivity and kindness and we’re firm believers that kindness should be sprinkled around like confetti!
Kindness only needs to start with one person. If it’s promoted in school communities, a culture of kindness can be generated that will spread around the globe. That’s why each one of our team will be making a Pobble pledge, that is a pledge to do something kind, an act that puts a smile on someone’s face. Something to brighten their day or helps them to feel proud.

We’d love for you to join us and make a Pobble pledge too: teachers, pupils and parents. Whether it’s a small individual pledge or a whole class or school pledge. Choose kind. Let’s start a positive trend of kindness! We’ll be sharing our pledges on Twitter, we’d love you to do the same!

Below you’ll find some simple suggestions of things you could pledge, choose one of these or come up with your own!

Some suggestions…

Make a Pobble pledge to:

Spread kindness illustration

A worksheet for your class

Teachers, we’ve also created a downloadable sheet for you to print for your class. It’s full of meaningful and enjoyable writing tasks to encourage kindness. Perhaps your class can complete it over the holidays? The kindest homework ever!

Children can choose their favourites to do or complete them all if they wish! Download yours here.

Choose kind

What will you pledge to spread the kindness? Share it with us on Twitter using #Pobblepledge. We’ll be sharing our favourites with our community.