Teachers' Tales

A tale of two schools…

by Jonny Davies
on May 4, 2016


The world is becoming a smaller place. There is no limit to the impact that teachers can have on their pupils. Seeds of inspiration are just around the corner, or on the other side of the world…

The journey begins

Spofforth Primary school sits in the sleepy, rural countryside of North Yorkshire. It has 5 classes; just over 100 pupils. King’s College is a large school on the outskirts of the historic, bustling city of Madrid. Their vision as a school is to be at the forefront of British Education internationally. From the outside, these schools seem very different, but on closer inspection they have something incredible in common: they make writing ridiculously exciting for their pupils.

Each week, children are inspired to write as a result of having their work published on Pobble. They love to see how many views and comments they receive on their writing from teachers, peers and parents in their wider school community. Over the last few weeks, a connection over 1,270 miles has brought another level of inspiration for the children at both schools; their spark for writing has been ignited by their teachers, who have connected their Pobble Class Accounts and therefore connected their classrooms. They truly have provided a global audience for their young writers.

Taking inspiration to another level

On March 3rd 2016 Megan, a Year 3 pupil from Spofforth, logged onto her Pobble account and noticed that her entry for the latest Pobble writing competition had received a series of comments from the other side of Europe…

Positive comment

Peer assessment

Moments later, in a classroom in Madrid, Year 4 pupils eagerly logged onto their class accounts to celebrate their class’ published author on the week, and awaiting them were a number of comments from the UK…

Teacher's comment

The result of this development is that now, when the children in Madrid or Spofforth sit down to embark on a piece of writing with their teacher, not only is their local community celebrating and nurturing their work, but a school across Europe is waiting eagerly to comment on the published writing, knowing that these international comments that make writing so very special will be reciprocated. Their classrooms now have global connections, and their journeys are only going to get more exciting from here…

Are you curious how this can this happen in your school?