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5 creative strategies to get kids storytelling

by Anna Whiteley
on October 19, 2018


Storytelling is an ancient art form, crucial for life. Stories support cultural education, instil moral values and develop imagination. In our classrooms, embellishment, improvisation or simply reading straight from a book are essential for children to develop their own creative talents.

Telling stories is often difficult to begin with. Even a seasoned writer can find it difficult to think of something to write about. Thankfully, the Internet is jam-packed with ideas to get your little ones thinking about the important elements of storytelling. We’ve rounded up some of the best. And don’t forget Pobble 365 has a fresh, ready-made story starter. Every single day of the year!

Here are 5 creative strategies to get kids storytelling:

Story stones

Pobble story stones

Get the children making their own, or pre-make them yourself. Story stones are a wonderful and versatile way to get your children writing. Give each child a few stones to base a story on. Have them hunt around to find them before writing. Or create a whole class story with each child adding their selected stone to their creation.

Roll a story

Pobble story cubes

Story dice are easy to make and great for helping your kids to create a structured narrative. Roll one dice for a setting, one for the main character and others for more details. Here’s how to make them.

Story Jar

Pobble story star

Good story prompts are sure to inspire some fun stories. Fill a jar with attention grabbing starters and have the kids pick one out to continue. You’ll find example sentences here.

Storytelling spoons

Pobble story spoons

These are perfect for retelling a story, inexpensive to make and easy to adapt for a variety of characters. Best of all, these are so much fun for putting on a puppet show with. We especially like these Gruffalo spoons.

Story sacks

Pobble story sack

Story sacks are a great resource for extending a narrative. They comprise of a large bag with props and materials relating to a story. Ideal for developing children’s communication skills. They enable the children to talk to others about the story. This Room on the Broom story sack is a great example.

Want even more creative ideas for to get kids storytelling? Check out our Pinterest board.