Teachers' Tales

4 reasons all teachers should value their CPD

by Anna Whiteley
on June 16, 2017


CPD is an integral part of the teacher lifestyle. Yes, it can feel like a chore to have to attend meetings, training and courses, but good-quality continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for all teachers, and should be valued. Here’s why.

1. Keeping up – Education progresses at a rapid pace. Staying up-to-date with relevant knowledge and current standards enhances professional practice and helps teachers to evaluate their impact on learning. Plus, you don’t want to be lagging behind your colleagues.

2. Team building – Teachers must continue to make a meaningful contribution to their team. CPD can be as formal or informal as you wish, but will contribute hugely to your effectiveness as a team. If every teacher identifies their own teaching strengths and builds on them, it will benefit the whole school. It’s also a great opportunity to get some socialising with your work buddies in!

3. Teaching motivation – Taking time to build on your skills and knowledge will enhance your confidence and motivation. You will know you’re equipped with the experience and abilities you need. You will demonstrate your skilled professionalism, both to yourself and others.

4. Your pupils deserve it! Enough said.

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