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3 CPD resources that teachers will enjoy using

by Julia Hudson
on November 23, 2015


One of the hardest things to implement in a school can be continued professional development (CPD). We all know it’s good for us, but it’s difficult to fit it in around the regular workload – and asking faculty to stay late at school is always touchy. To make it easier on everyone, here’s a round up of some literacy CPD tools that your team can use independently:

Edutopia’s Resources Toolkit for New Teachers

For the NQTs among us as well as veterans looking to refresh their skills, Edutopia has compiled this suite of sleekly-designed tools. There is tons of information in here, from curriculum planning templates to guidelines on managing the parent-school relationship. Top of the pile, this one.

Scottish Book Trust’s Teachers as Writers Pack

For literacy educators, it’s important to share in your students’ journeys, testing out lesson ideas and sharing your work with your class. This particular resource was developed by Lari Don, a children’s author, and she recommends using it to form the basis of a teacher writing circle, where your team can share their own work and discuss how to best translate your learnings to you classrooms.

The British Council’s Teaching English Toolkit

Designed specifically for teachers of English as a second language, there is plenty here to support a faculty teaching native speakers as well. You’ll find resource sections on “Understanding Learners,” “Integrating ICT,” and other of-the-moment best practice concepts, as well as the requisite modules on topics like assessment. The British Council also offers free online CPD courses.

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