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The year our son started to Pobble

by Henrik Thaudal
on September 1, 2017


Ratings, tests, pressure: words that are often associated with learning in today’s society. We run the risk of taking the fun and motivation away from our children at an early age.

This is why organisations like Pobble need all the credit they can get. Pobble has introduced a ground-breaking community enabling pupils to get published and share their brilliant work not only with their friends and family – but worldwide!
It has been almost a year since our 7-year-old son introduced us to Pobble. He has always been keen on going to school – and has been gifted with brilliant teachers at the Mount Street Infant school in Brecon. The prospects of being a published writer has had a very positive effect on our son’s writing – and the pride of reading comments (and counting likes) just increases his motivation.

Pobble introduces a perfect opportunity to teach pupils about the significance of positive online presence and constructive feedback. Writing (and learning in general) has a much more positive impact if it catches the attention of the pupil; and to our son Pobble has done just that – it is not unheard of that he decides to spend 30 minutes on Pobble rather than playing games. As a parent, this is just great to experience.

Also, Pobble has a great system and sends a notification when your child has a new piece of work published, avoiding the work to be “forgotten” when prompted after returning after a long day at school.

Pobble is well worth for teachers and parents to get familiar with. In this day and age, when everything is measured on performance and reduced to numbers following test results – Pobble aims to set the focus to where it really matters: positivity, motivation and fun! Needless to say, as a parent I am very pleased that Pobble has had such a positive effect on our son’s writing – but also a big thank you to the teachers of Mount Street Infants school in Brecon, who have successfully managed to implement this new system successfully to be used across all the years of the school!

Together, they do indeed make writing ridiculously exciting!

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