Teachers' Tales

10 reasons to love being a teacher

by Anna Whiteley
on December 2, 2016


There’s nothing easy about teaching, in fact it’s arguably one of the most challenging jobs out there. However, put the politics, paperwork and pessimism to one side and you know: as a teacher, you matter. Teaching is more than a job and if you’re passionate about something that you love, it will shine through. Here are 10 reasons to enjoy the little things and love being a teacher even more.

1) You have the potential to transform lives and make a real difference in your pupils’ future. That explains the importance of your job. Aside from their parents, the adults that have the biggest influence on children are their teachers. You’re leading and shaping the next generation: people that will eventually run this country.

2) Teaching gives you the opportunity to get truly creative. With your lesson plans you can craft and create anything and be as adventurous as you wish. It also allows you to be ridiculous and do things that you would never usually do in front of other adults. You can really express yourself and the kids won’t think you’re strange; they’ll love it!

3) There’s no better way to learn about a subject than to teach. Every day is a school day, as they say. You’re always learning new, important, transferable skills, which means you’re always getting better. The very nature of the role means you’ll constantly be evolving how you do things too. Plus there are great career development opportunities.

4) The click. You know, when a pupil finally gets it and you see it in their face. That light bulb moment that shows you that all your hard work was worth it. Priceless!

5) You’re down with the kids. You have no choice but to keep up with all the latest kids crazes and trends as the kids bombard you with their exciting anecdotes of the latest games and fashions. This can help to make you feel youthful, right?

6) Job satisfaction. Is there a more rewarding job? Your work has a real purpose and you’re reminded of that every morning when the kids show up. No matter how difficult things get, you can be content in the knowledge that the development and progress the children make is predominantly down to you.

7) Fellow teachers can be friends for life. Meeting and working towards a common goal with like-minded people can foster lifelong friendships. Plus you get inspiration on tap as they’re always on hand to give you awesome ideas for things to try with your class.

8) You’ll never get bored. How can you when you are so ridiculously busy? When you enter your classroom in a morning you have no idea what the day will bring. Every day is different and keeps your brain engaged.

9) Summers off. OK, so we know that most of you work for some of your school holiday, but an extended summer break is hard to come by. Not many jobs offer 6 weeks off in one go. Keep that in mind and think how much you’d miss it if you didn’t have it.

10) The children! Say no more. The potential and uniqueness of each child is huge and you get to be directly involved with their journey and adventures through school. They’re fun to work with, full of humour and no matter how challenging, ultimately, they’re what keep you going.

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